Shutters That Can Be Installed To Protect Your Home From Stormy Weather


If your home is located in an area that is prone to severe weather, it is important to have features that protect your home. Storm shutters can be a great investment to protect your home from problems with damage after storms. The following storm shutter options will help protect your home from storm damage: Traditional Wood Storm Shutters Wood shutters are one of the first options that you may want to use to protect your windows.

9 June 2021

3 Types Of Window Installation


When it comes to window replacements, there are three main methods used. Which one you choose depends on several factors, so it is a good idea to be familiar with them all. 1. Sash Replacement A sash replacement is only an option if you have older double-hung windows installed with separate tracks and sashes, as opposed to a track frame. The parts replaced include the the sashes, which are the two framed pieces of glass that move up and down, and the jamb tracks that guide the window.

7 May 2021

Looking Into Impact Windows? 3 Things To Know


When it comes to inclement weather, impact windows are a fantastic way to keep your home safe. High winds and debris can quickly enter the house during a storm if your windows break. Impact windows are designed to not shatter when hit by wind and debris. For those who live in hurricane-prone locations, impact windows or hurricane shutters are necessities. However, you can have impact windows even if you don't live in areas threatened by hurricanes.

19 March 2021

Top 3 Major Advantages Of Hiring Window Tinting Services For Your Car


Car window tinting is a significant transformation that you have to think through beforehand. Every state has laws that govern coating vehicles with film, the degree to which you can do it, and the minimum light percentage allowed inside your auto. Window film gives your car a sleek elegance that it didn't have before, but there are more reasons to invest in car window tinting services. Here are three functional advantages of investing in professional window tinting services for your vehicle.

29 January 2021

Questions To Ask Before You Install Wood Windows


When you are looking for custom windows for your home, you might choose a wooden option. Wood windows are a great choice for many homes, but that does not mean you do not still have questions. Wood windows can be a great choice for your home. If you have questions like these, you are not alone. Do you Have the Time to Take Care of Wood Windows? Wood windows may take some work to maintain, but it's not likely to be more than taking care of metal.

8 December 2020

The Replacement Window Improvements That Give You More From Home Renovations


When you are planning on replacing windows in your home, this can be a good home renovation investment. Replacement windows can be plain, or you may want to improve your investment in home renovations by making stylish improvements. Here are some of the replacement window improvements that can help you get more from the home renovations you are planning: Choosing the style of replacement windows—You have a lot of choices for the type of replacement window styles you can use for your home renovations.

4 September 2020

Three Things You Should Know About Renovating Your Home with Sliding Glass Patio Doors


It's common for homeowners to have sliding glass doors that lead to their patio. You are likely to have one as well. However, whether you have the original door or you don't have a sliding door at all, there are many possibilities for this important feature of a home. The following are just a few things you should think about if you are considering a renovation. You can replace your current door with something better

2 December 2019