2 Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood Siding In Your Home


Replacing dated wood siding can help make the exterior of your home more modern. If you are replacing your wood siding, it's important to recognize that discarded pieces of siding can find new life inside your home.

Here are two ways you can reduce the amount of waste created when re-siding your home, and use reclaimed wood siding inside your home.

1. Install a charred wood feature wall in your living room.

Incorporating natural materials, like wood, into your home can lend a peaceful vibe to any room. The old wood siding you remove from your home's exterior can be used to create a charred wood feature wall in your living room.

Since the learning curve is steep when it comes to charring wood, it's best if you leave the charring process to an expert. Charring is a method for treating wood that originated in Japan. Once your old wood siding pieces are charred, they will be impervious to termites, mold, and fire.

Creating a focal wall from charred wood in your living room is a great way to incorporate ethereal beauty charred wood possess into your daily life.

2. Use your old wood siding to make a new headboard for your bedroom.

If you want to add a rustic vibe to your bedroom, a headboard made from reclaimed wood siding could be beneficial. To get started with this project you will need to collect pieces of wood siding that have been removed from your home's exterior, a piece of plywood or OSB board cut to the size you want your headboard to be, a couple of 2" x 4" boards, wood glue, and a nail gun.

Attach the 2" x 4" boards to the back of your plywood or OSB, making sure the finished height when standing upright is suitable for your bed. Next, cut pieces of wood siding to various lengths, and assemble them on the front of the plywood or OSB in an aesthetically pleasing pattern. Secure the siding pieces with wood glue.

Once the glue has dried, flip the headboard over and use the nail gun to secure each piece of wood siding to the plywood or OSB from behind. You can leave the wood natural, or add some paint before installing in your bedroom.

Finding new ways to use your old reclaimed wood siding is simple. Create a focal wall in your dining room or a headboard for your bedroom, and your old wood siding will find new life inside your home. 


13 September 2015

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