How To Install Decorative Molding Around Recessed Windows


Do you have interior windows that are recessed? Do you want to make your window fixtures look more dynamic? By adding molding to the recessed edges you can make the fixture look much more stylish. Most people choose a molding that matches with the existing baseboard or crown molding around their interior. This article explains how to install painted molding. You will see that it is a great DIY project as long as you have a few basic tools.

Tools for the Job

  • Prepainted molding (of course, you can paint the molding on your own)
  • Tape measure
  • Compound miter saw (must be able to cut angles)
  • A nail gun and air compressor
  • Finish brads (often called finish nails)
  • Silicone caulk (preferably the same color as the molding)
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • A 6' ladder

Measuring and Cutting the Molding

The key is to cut 45 degree angles at the end of each piece. This lines up the molding design in the corners, for a seamless look. Simply measure the recessed edge of the window opening. Then, cut the inside of the molding to that length. The angled ends will obviously be longer. Cut all 4 pieces at once and then hold them up to the installation point. Make sure the corners line up and make any adjustments.

Attaching the Molding

Attaching the molding is simple if you know how to operate a pneumatic nail gun. Using headless finish nails is important because they leave behind small holes that are easy to patch up later. Since there will definitely be studs within the walls along the recessed edges, you will be able to create a strong hold without any glue. The job is much easier if you have two people on the job. One person can hold the molding in place, ensuring the inside edges are flush, while the other secures it with the gun.

Finishing Off the Molding

Caulking both edges of the molding is important for making it look complete. A thin caulk line will also reinforce the molding and make it blend in with the wall. You can also use the caulk to quickly cover the nail holes. Just spread it over the holes with your finger. The holes are so small that using a putty knife is unnecessary.

In the end, molding will make your recessed windows look very different. It certainly adds some style and class to your walls. Contact a contractor, like Alartco Windows & Doors Manufacturing, for more help.


7 April 2016

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