Small Bathroom: Five Ways to Make Your Bathroom Remodel Stand Out


If you're remodeling your small bathroom, you can do a lot to maximize your limited space. Here are some things you can incorporate into the design to really make the most of your bathroom's space. 

1. Get rid of the tub/shower combo and put in a large shower. 

The tub/shower combination is a stand-by in middle-class bathroom because you have a tub and shower sharing a space. Unfortunately, this means the tub will not be very deep or luxurious, and the shower will be small. You can make your bathroom look much large by removing the tub/shower combo and using the space to make one large shower.

Not only will you have more room to move in the shower, but this gives you the option in install frameless clear shower doors. The use of frameless doors will really give the illusion of space in your bathroom, and if you keep the glass clear, the shower appears to be part of the overall square footage you will enjoy in your bathroom. 

To make the large shower even more space enhancing, use a light colored tile for the shower enclosure and install it with an emphasis on horizontal lines. 

2. Make use of vertical storage. 

Instead of dedicating most of your vanity to plumbing, install a narrow "floating" sink. This will give you plenty of storage space under the sink in shelf form, and it will give your bathroom a sleek modern design. You can also place a small cabinet above the toilet to hold other items like roll towels and extra toilet paper. 

Finally, if your house has high ceilings, you can install a shelf that goes around the top portion of the wall to hold extra soaps, decor items, and even plants. This shelf is where you can flair, without taking up wall space that could be used for storage or taking up counter space that you'll need for getting ready in the morning. 

You might even install single hooks for towels instead of towel bars. This means you can hand towels anyway, even in a place where a bar will not fit. You can install hooks one above the other to utilize a very small section of the wall for hanging towels. 

3. Use small tiles.

Instead of using large tiles that will easily eat up the square footage of your floor, invest in smaller "penny" tiles that add a sense of abundance to the room. You can go full modern with little squares or hexagons, or hearken back to yesteryear with round tiles in vintage patterns. For best result, choose lighter color of tile to keep the room feeling open. If you're looking for an edgy or colorful element, use towels and small finishes to add pops of color here and there. 

4. Clear the clutter.

Since storage space is limited, it's best to keep your bathroom to the essentials. Let those essentials be so well chosen that they become your decor. For example, instead of hanging pictures on the walls, choose beautifully patterned wallpaper instead. You can also:

  • Use brass knobs and pulls to add more color and life to a vanity.
  • Find decorative soap dispensers for the countertop. 
  • Use coordinated towels to help bring the look of the bathroom together.
  • Add a curtain to the window with a decorative pull for some personality.

When working with a small bathroom, it can be hard to think outside the box. But with an open shower, a small sink, and a space for storage, you'll be well on your way to timeless and functional design. Contact a shower door professional in your area for more ideas. 


3 July 2017

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