Four Ways To Add More Charm To Your Home With Vinyl Siding


Vinyl siding is durable, easy to clean, and pretty much impenetrable by the elements. But one of its less-discussed advantages is that it comes in so many different varieties. Choose the right one, and you can add unbelievable charm to your home -- which you may as well do if you're already having siding installed! Here are four ways to maximize the charm that vinyl siding brings to your space.

Choose a pattern that looks like wood or brick.

Have you always dreamed of a cute wooden cabin or a brick cottage? These materials are both very expensive, but with vinyl siding, you can have the of brick or wood without the maintenance or high cost. There are vinyl products made to look like brick and others made to look like various types of wood. While someone will know the difference if they look at your home from a foot or two away, how often does someone actually get that close to your home exterior?

Choose a contrasting texture.

Vinyl siding is often thought of as a smooth, sleek material. But you can find vinyl siding with varying rougher textures, too. Try choosing a siding that has the opposite texture to the rest of your home's exterior. For instance, if you have a metal roof and very pristine, clean-lined landscaping, siding with a rougher texture might be a good choice. If you have a rougher cedar roof, a smoother siding choice may work well.

Pick a few similar colors.

There's nothing that says that the home must be sided completely in one color! If you pick three shades of one color and alternate between them going from the top of your home to the bottom, you'll create a unique monochromatic look that really calls attention to your home. Just make sure you use a simple color scheme for your home's remaining features so the look does not become too overwhelming. For instance, siding in three colors of gray paired with a black roof, windows, and gutters can look stunning.

Use accent pieces on the corners.

Another option is to mostly side your home in a single color, but then use a different color where the corners of the home come together and in the peaks that you want to call attention to. For instance, you could mostly side the home in beige, but use dark green siding for the vertical pieces in each corner.

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8 August 2017

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