Want Better Natural Lighting? Add New Windows To Certain Areas In Your Home


Some homes excel with natural light by having floor-to-ceiling windows paired with windows scattered all throughout the property. Other homeowners must rely on artificial lighting to handle most tasks in their home even in the middle of the day due to lacking features. Your home may just meet the minimal window requirements and have a decent amount of natural shade.

To fix this problem, you should install new windows in some of the most impactful places.

Home Office

When you handle some or all your work at home, you want to think of a remodel as an investment for your work, income, and future. So, you should not hesitate to add windows to this room as it will help to increase your productivity by bringing more natural light into the space. Depending on how your office is situated, you may be able to get an excellent view from the new windows.

It is worth considering the layout of your office before picking window locations. For instance, if you are determined to have your computer facing in one direction, you do not want to install new windows at an angle or in a position that will put a constant glare on your monitors.


Another place that you will benefit from adding more windows is the staircase. If you have an open staircase, you can bring so much lighting to a huge open area inside your home. Even when you have a stairwell, your family will appreciate the focused increase to natural lighting. This will increase the overall safety when using stairs because you will have more light during the day.


It is easy to see how adding windows to a kitchen is beneficial. But, you may not realize how much work you can put into planning to maximize the benefits that you get from these windows. It is understandable to rely on artificial lighting when you have a walk-in pantry in the kitchen. But, you can provide this space with natural light by installing a new window that faces the pantry.

An additional way that you can customize windows to maximize natural light is if you have a kitchen bar. An ideal setup is when you install a window so that light passes through the bar. This will not only light up the kitchen, but it will provide light for those sitting down and beyond that.

Adding natural light while getting creative with new windows will lead to a great outcome. For more information, contact companies like Active Hurricane & Security Protection.


3 October 2017

The Perfect Windows For Your House

When was the last time you really looked at your home windows and thought about their condition? Although they can be easy to ignore, older windows or versions that have insulation troubles won't protect your home from steep temperature changes, pest infestations, or harsh UV sunlight. I decided to upgrade my own windows a few years ago, which is why I made this blog. Here, I have collected loads of information about window types, features, and styles, so that you don't have to guess when it comes to your brand new window installation. By using this information, your home can look better than ever.