4 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring A Commercial Window Cleaner


Hiring a commercial window cleaner can be a great way to keep the windows at your place of business looking clean and clear. This, in turn, can improve the curb appeal of your business and attract more foot traffic. At the same time, it's important to realize that not all window cleaners offer the exact same level or quality of service. Specifically, there are a few questions you'll want to ask before you hire a commercial window cleaner to make sure you're getting the best value for your money.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Any reputable window cleaning service should offer some kind of guarantee. This means that if for any reason, you're unhappy with the cleanliness of your windows after the cleaners leave, you can give them a call and they'll come back to fix the issue free of charge. Ideally, you should find a window cleaning company that offers at least a week guarantee on all their cleaning services for your peace of mind.

What Type of Cleaner Do You Use?

Knowing exactly what type of cleaner that will be used on your commercial windows is also important. Some cleaners, such as solutions made with dish soap, do a great job at removing dirt and debris but will leave a "sticky" layer of residue as it dries. As a result, your windows won't stay clean for very long. Ideally, you'll want to find a company that uses a specific cleaner formulated for windows and rinses it off with clean water when done.

Exactly What Parts Do You Clean?

Any commercial window cleaner should take care of cleaning the visible glass on a window or door, but a quality window cleaner will go beyond that to also clean the track of the window itself, as well as the frame and other related parts. If you can find a company that will include this in their quote, you've probably found a company that knows the value of a thorough job.

Do You Require a Commitment?

Some window cleaning companies will only schedule work with you if you sign up for repeat, scheduled cleanings once every couple weeks or once a month. If this doesn't jive with your needs or budget, make sure to find a company that doesn't require a commitment.

By taking the time to ask these questions as you shop for a window cleaner, you'll be on your way to a great decision in no time.


8 January 2018

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