Reducing Graffiti Window Cleaning Costs


Graffiti is art to some, and a messy menace to others. If your building's windows have had their share of graffiti and you are tired of the expense to clean them, there are ways to reduce the cleaning costs. A window cleaning company, like Reflection Windows and Doors LLC, can help.

Anti-Graffiti Window Films

There are commercial window films designed specifically to prevent graffiti from sticking and to ease the removal of graffiti. These films are applied to the exterior portions of your building's lower windows. You can purchase them by the roll and have your window cleaners apply them after cleaning and drying the windows.

After the films have been applied, pen, marker, and spray paint cannot stick. Your window cleaning crew can either wipe off the film-covered window just as they would if the window did not have a film covering, or the crew can pull off the film and reapply a new sheet. Either way, cleaning the affected windows is an absolute breeze. It beats having to have the cleaning crew blast your windows with acetone and a pressure washer every time someone defaces the windows.

Using Special Cleaners

Window cleaning companies also have special cleaners for attacking graffiti. However, since they do not often clean graffiti-covered windows, you will have to ask your window cleaners to bring that type of cleaner with them for the next scheduled window cleaning. These commercial and industrial cleaners "melt" spray paint from the windows, which is then easily wiped or rinsed away with rags and/or water.

The result is a faster cleaning process with no abrasives, which could scratch the windows. Eventually, after several incidents of graffiti, the scratched glass would require replacement. Yet, if your window cleaners use a special cleaner to remove spray paint, you will never have to worry about that.

Have Windows Cleaned After-Hours

Graffiti vandals will do their "art" after the building is closed for the day, or very early in the morning before the building opens for business. As such, you could have the window cleaners come during these hours to wash windows. Their presence could either act as a deterrent to returning offenders, or they could catch the vandals in the act and prevent them from making a really big mess with the paint. Catching them in the act also means that the window cleaners would play a vital role in reporting what they saw to the police and having the vandals arrested.


9 February 2018

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