Three Signs Your Wood Windows Need To Be Replaced


Many older homes and even some newer abodes have wood windows. The wooden frames may be attractive when new, but they can become a problem as time goes by. If you aren't sure whether or not to upgrade from wood to vinyl or aluminum, then continue reading. The following are three signs that it is time to get replacement windows in lieu of those old wood frames.

#1: Rot

Wood will rot if it is exposed to moisture. This occurs when the old paint wears or flakes off, or damage occurs that exposes any part of the raw wood to the elements. You may not even be aware that moisture has breached the paint or finish if it seeps in beneath caulk or along the backside of a frame. You can check for rot with nothing more than a screwdriver. Gently press the tip of the screwdriver against the wood frames, probing along their lengths. Pay special attention to areas with worn paint, as well as the ends where the frame edges are mitered and often caulked together, as these locations are the most likely to have rot. If the wood feels soft or if the screwdriver easily dents it, then chances are moisture damage and rot have already set in.

#2: Air gaps

Wood expands and contracts depending on moisture and humidity, as well as the temperature. This isn't a concern when wood windows are new and in perfect repair. Over time, this expansion and contraction can move a frame out of alignment as well as cause sealants and caulking to come loose. Air gaps will form due to the chinks from missing caulk or simply because the frame no longer sits in the wall properly to seal out all air gaps. Some homeowners try to extend the life of their wood windows when this occurs by filling in gaps with expanding spray foam insulation. This is only a temporary fix and not highly attractive. New windows are a better option.

#3: Maintenance issues

Sometimes the windows are in good repair, but the idea of continuing maintenance may be too much. Wood windows need the old paint or stain stripped from them every few years. Then, any minor damage must be sanded off, cracks and holes must be filled, and new caulk should be applied where needed. Finally, a fresh coat of primer followed by paint is necessary to ward off rot. If the idea of this continuing maintenance puts you off, then consider no-maintenance vinyl or aluminum windows.

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10 May 2018

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