Three Reasons You Should Not Install Windows Yourself


The Internet has made it easier than ever to figure out how to do your own home repair projects. You can watch videos or read guides to help you determine how to complete many tasks on your own. However, while there are likely online guides and tutorials, window installation is a project that the average homeowner should not take on themselves. If you are thinking about installing windows yourself, here are three reasons you should leave this task to the professionals. 

The Warranty On the Window May Be Voided

Windows can be expensive. As such, you want yours to last as long as possible. When you purchase new windows, they typically come with a warranty protecting against many problems that may occur with the windows. This gives you peace of mind that your windows will last at least this length of time without any issues or problems. However, the warranty is typically only valid if the windows are installed by a professional who is certified by the manufacturer to complete the installation process. This means that if you attempt to install the windows yourself, you can void the warranty on them. If problems arise with the windows, you won't be covered or protected. 

You Can Damage the Structure Of Your Home

Installing windows looks like a fairly straightforward task on many online tutorials. You pop out the old window, clean up the framework, and then pop the new window into place. However, in reality, the process is not that easy. Windows that have been in place for 20 years or more do not just pop out of place. And the odds that your new windows are going to sit perfectly in place on your framework are not good. Unfortunately, many homeowners who attempt to install windows themselves cause structural damage to their home. They may damage the siding while trying to pop the windows out, or they may push on the framework and break it while trying to put the new windows in. A lot can go wrong, which is why this task should be left to the pros. 

Mistakes Can Lead to Costly Water Issues

The last reason to leave window installation to the professionals is because mistakes can lead to costly water issues. And unfortunately, those who are not properly trained to install windows are more likely to make one of these costly mistakes. If your windows are not properly installed, water can seep in between the window frame and the window. Water can damage your insulation, your drywall, and electrical wiring in the wall and/or lead to mold growth. Water damage can be costly and time consuming to repair, which is just one more reason a professional should install your windows. 

Window installation is not an easy process. There are many things that can go wrong if you are not properly trained to install windows. If you need new windows on your home, contact a window installation company today to get the process started. 


14 June 2018

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