Why Window Tints?


Window tints aren't just for automobile glass. A professional window tint, when properly applied, can be a game changer on your residential or commercial fixtures. Often, homeowners mistakenly think that window insulation and efficiency just comes down to the thickness of the sash, the design of the panes, the material, or the weatherstripping. While all of these factors are obviously significant when it comes to heat transfer, solar efficiency, and heat loss, the tint of your glass is also a major issue.

Losing the Window Glaze

Most windows have some sort of glaze on the glass, which helps to deflect sun rays and slow down heat transfer. However, this glaze will fade and wear off over time, becoming less efficient. On the other hand, you might just want to add a tint because the original glaze was never strong enough. That is, some people don't buy adequately glazed glass for their climate because they are trying to save money.

Adding Window Tint is Very Affordable

One of the best things about adding a window tint is how cost effective the project is. Even on large commercial buildings, the application of a tint is quite minimal. It will be far cheaper than adding weatherstripping or replacing any part of your window. Basically, the window just needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and then the tint can be applied on top of it.

Tints Can Be Temporary

Another great thing about a window tint is that it can be temporary. That is, if you want to remove it for any reason, it can be done quite easily. Window tints are attached to the glass using a liquid adhesive. Your tint won't fall off, but this adhesive can be broken down if certain cleaning solutions are used when removing the film.

Adding Privacy to Your Property

Another helpful benefit of a window tint is that it might give your interior a little more privacy. That is, a reflective exterior tint will make your window glass less transparent. So you can see out just fine, but people on the outside won't see as much on the inside.

It doesn't really matter what your ultimate reason is for investing in a window tint, but you do need to do research because there are so many different products and levels of tint that you need to consider. Regardless, for a minimal investment, you can end up decreasing your monthly heating and cooling bills. Contact a company like Solar Tint, Inc. for more information. 


18 July 2018

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