4 Options To Deal With Old And Damaged Windows To Renovate Your Home And Improve Energy Efficiency


When you have old, outdated windows in your home, you want to consider ways to improve them. Some of the improvements that you may consider include installing replacement windows, shutters, window treatments, or glass films. Each of these improvements has specific benefits. The following options will help you deal with old and damaged windows to renovate your home and improve energy efficiency:

1. Repairing Damaged Trim and Updating Insulation to Stop Air Leaks

The trim around windows can be damaged by various causes, such as air leaks that cause energy loss and water damage due to problems with caulking and exterior finishes. When repairing the exterior of your windows, you may also want to remove the interior trim and update the insulation to stop air leaks and make your home more energy efficient. 

2. Using Modern Glass Films for Affordable, Energy-Efficient Improvements

Modern glass films provide an affordable, energy-efficient improvement to old windows. There are many other benefits when installing glass films on the windows in your home. Glass films help to reduce exposure to UV radiation, make glass shatter-resistant, and improve the energy efficiency of older windows. In addition, films can also be tinted to provide privacy in areas of your home with larger glass in openings. Contact a company like Pro Tection Seattle Inc to learn more about tinted window films.

3. Using Shutters and Storm Windows to Update Openings in Your Home

Installing shutters can be one of the easiest improvements to do to old and damaged windows in your home. You may want to add traditional plantation shutters that add to the exterior design of your home and help protect against storm damage. For more protection against storm damage and to improve energy efficiency, another option is to install storm windows on the exterior of existing windows.

4. New Window Options to Renovate Your Home and Improve Energy Efficiency

There are also options for new windows to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Replacement windows are an option for using the existing window casings and updating the openings with a new insert. Where replacement windows cannot be used, new windows can be installed that match the other replacements and existing casing trim materials to ensure all the improvements match.

These are some of the options to deal with old and damaged windows to renovate your home and improve energy efficiency. If you need help with choosing the best improvements for your windows, contact a home window company in your area. 


18 March 2019

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