Looking Into Impact Windows? 3 Things To Know


When it comes to inclement weather, impact windows are a fantastic way to keep your home safe. High winds and debris can quickly enter the house during a storm if your windows break. Impact windows are designed to not shatter when hit by wind and debris. For those who live in hurricane-prone locations, impact windows or hurricane shutters are necessities. However, you can have impact windows even if you don't live in areas threatened by hurricanes. Here are three things that you should know about impact windows.

They Are Available Everywhere

No matter where you live, you can install impact windows in your home. While this type of window is available across the nation, you may need to special-order them if you live in certain areas. It's easier to find impact windows that are ready to install if you live in a location threatened by coastal storms or hurricanes. In other parts of the country, you'll have to order these windows and wait until they arrive before you start the installation.

How Much They Cost

Cost is something else you need to consider when it comes to installing impact windows. You will want to weigh the cost of these windows versus their benefits. While impact windows do cost more upfront, they can also lead to energy and insurance savings. If a strong storm does move through, you can also see a reduction in potential damage. The average cost of impact windows for a home is between $2,418 and $13,164. The installation will typically take a few hours, but typically, it is a quick process. 

Additional Benefits

If you are not sold yet on impact windows, knowing about their other benefits may help sway you. Impact windows are harder to break, something that increases your home's security. An intruder will have a tough time getting into your home through an impact window since they do not break easily. Impact windows also act as a sound barrier. If you deal with a lot of outside noise, these windows can make your home quieter. Finally, many impact windows block UV rays and can help increase your home's energy efficiency.

If you are considering impact windows, there are a few things to consider. Impact windows are available anywhere but are easiest to find in coastal areas impacted by hurricanes. Costs will vary, but impact windows are pricier than non-impact windows. If you are on the fence, there are other benefits to installing these windows, including increased security and energy efficiency. 


19 March 2021

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