Upgrading Your Home With Energy Efficient Windows


The windows for your home can be an instrumental part of your home's exterior and interior. While these windows can allow large amounts of light to enter the interior of the house, they can also be a major source of energy waste, which can lead to higher heating and cooling costs for the owner of the house. Upgrading to energy-efficient windows is one solution that can help you to reduce your energy costs and improve the comfort of your home's interior.

Assumption: Windows Have To Use A Double Pane Design To Be Energy Efficient

There are many homeowners that will operate under the assumption that energy-efficient windows have to use a double pane design to be effective. While energy-efficient windows that use a double pane design can often have better performance, there are options that use a single pane design as well. This can be a practical option for homes that may not have walls thick enough to comfortably accommodate double-paned windows. Energy-efficient windows that use a single pane can often be made with glass that is far more resistant to heat transfer, and they are likely to have a frame that is heavily insulated to stop drafts from forming.

Assumption: Energy Efficient Windows Are Less Attractive

While energy-efficient windows can dramatically reduce your energy costs and increase the comfort in your home, you may be leery of choosing this option if you believe that they are always less attractive. In reality, energy-efficient windows are available in a wide range of looks and styles. This can allow them to complement almost any home exterior design or color scheme. Additionally, these windows can even be custom-made so that they can be used with historic or other properties that may have very specific aesthetic needs.

Assumption: Only Homes In Hot Areas Benefit From Energy Efficient Windows

Homes that are located in areas that experience extremely hot summer months can benefit immensely from the installation of energy-efficient windows as they can reduce the convective heating that can occur while keeping cool air from escaping through drafts. However, homes in almost any climate can likely benefit from being equipped with energy-efficient window options. To help you with determining whether upgrading to energy-efficient windows can be useful for your home, there are contractors that can assist you with calculating an estimate on the energy savings that the installation of these windows will be able to provide the house.


21 March 2022

The Perfect Windows For Your House

When was the last time you really looked at your home windows and thought about their condition? Although they can be easy to ignore, older windows or versions that have insulation troubles won't protect your home from steep temperature changes, pest infestations, or harsh UV sunlight. I decided to upgrade my own windows a few years ago, which is why I made this blog. Here, I have collected loads of information about window types, features, and styles, so that you don't have to guess when it comes to your brand new window installation. By using this information, your home can look better than ever.