3 Things To Know About Window Warranties


Are you interested in replacing your home's windows, and you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with selecting a window material? This may be due to different windows having different types of warranties, and you are wondering what that means when it actually comes time to use the warranty. Here are a few key things that you need to know.

The Material Will Often Dictate The Warranty Length

If you notice that some windows have a lifetime warranty and others are limited in the number of years, this is typically due to the material that is being used. You will likely notice that cheaper materials, like aluminum, will have a limited-time warranty that comes with them. Meanwhile, a vinyl window may have a lifetime warranty offered with it.

The reason that materials like vinyl can have a lifetime warranty is that the material is relatively inexpensive. If the windows are built in the right way, they can also last a very long time. This means that the manufacturer is unlikely to even need to fulfill a warranty replacement, and if they do, the window is cheap to replace. 

The Length Of The Warranty Can Dictate The Window's Quality

There are very cheap windows out there that do the bare minimum in terms of construction and energy efficiency. These are often called contractor-grade windows, and they are the type that contractors use to save money when building a home and simply need to put windows in. Since the windows are not the best, it is common to see a very short warranty period with them. Consider this when shopping around for windows, since a lifetime warranty is going to be from a manufacturer that stands behind their product. 

The Warranty Can Cover A Variety Of Different Functions

When basing a purchase on the warranty, it's important to look at what the warranty actually covers. Some may only provide a warranty on the glass, while others give a warranty on just the frame. 

Ideally, you want a warranty that covers every aspect of the window. If the lock is not latching properly or the window is not sliding as smoothly as it once did, you can contact the manufacturer about using the warranty. Someone will come out to your home and inspect the windows, and if it is found to have failed within a covered aspect, you can get a replacement window for your home.

For more information about choosing double-hung windows with warranties, contact a local contractor.


26 July 2022

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