Reasons Commercial Roofs Develop Leaks


A leaky commercial roof is bad for your business reputation. Besides that, it puts your inventory and equipment at risk of damage. And since leaks encourage mold development, your employees are at risk of developing mold-related health complications. 

This is why you shouldn't take leaks lightly. Instead, you should determine why your roof. Then, with help from your roofer, find the right approach to address the problem. Below are a few reasons behind a leaking commercial roof. Read on. 

Water Drainage Issues

A properly functioning drainage system keeps your commercial roof in top shape. So if the drainage channels are improperly designed, damaged, or filled with debris, your roof's functionality will diminish. Dirty gutters, for instance, results in water accumulation, which eventually causes damage to the roofing material. Sooner or later, your commercial roof will start leaking. In that case, you need to unblock your gutter system quickly before the excess weight damages the supporting structure. 

A Compromised Roof Flashing

Failing roof flashing is a common commercial roofing issue that contributes to leaks. Typically, flashing is made of durable material. But over time, it wears out, exposing the conjoining areas of your commercial roof. The deterioration could be due to weather, age, or DIY installation errors. That said, you should check the condition of the flashing routinely and fix problems promptly. 

Roof Penetrations

The AC's pipes and vents pass through the roof. For this reason, you should seal them correctly to avoid leakages. But the seal won't last forever, and you'll need to check its condition from time to time. Remember that a broken seal will cause leaks on the roof's surface. 

A Damaged Roof Membrane

There are various commercial roof membranes, such as thermoset thermoplastic and modified bitumen. Their primary task is to prevent leaks in the roofing material. Therefore if the membrane sustains damage, your roof will likely start leaking. Damage to the roof membrane can arise from strong winds, mechanical damage, and high foot traffic. So call a qualified commercial roofer for immediate repairs when you notice a membrane deterioration. 

Your Roof Is Old

If your roof has outlived its service life, it might become leaky. This is because most parts are worn out. Unfortunately, patching the holes on such a roof might not offer a lasting solution. In this case, your roofing contractor might suggest a roof replacement. 

Commercial roof leaks can result from the abovementioned factors. So if your roofing material start leaking, do not put off repairs. Instead, call a qualified commercial roofing contractor to fix the problem before the situation gets out of hand.


1 September 2022

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