3 Reasons To Install High-Impact Windows In Your Store


If you want to put in new windows in your store, then you have the opportunity to upgrade your glass. Your investment will be more cost-effective if your new windows work better and last longer.

Stores often benefit from using high-impact windows, so you should add this option to your shortlist. These windows have additional advantages that solve common commercial glass problems.

When should you consider switching to high-impact windows?

1. You've Had Problems with Burglars and Vandals

If you currently have regular windows, then you might have had theft and vandalism problems in the past. Burglars might have broken glass in one of your windows to get into your store; vandals might have broken a window by throwing something at it.

High-impact windows don't break easily. They have a special strengthening layer inside their glass that makes it more impact resistant.

Burglars can't break this glass easily. Even if they do, panes hang together rather than fall to the floor so that an intruder won't have easy access to your store. Vandals can throw things at your windows, but they will stay intact. You get better protection against theft and vandalism.

2. You've Had Storm Damage

Regular windows can't withstand much storm damage. If high winds throw something at regular glass, then it usually simply breaks. Standard frames can also get damaged in severe storms.

If you've had to replace glass or repair frames because of wind or storm damage in the past, then high-impact windows are a good solution. These windows have stronger and more robust frames; they contain reinforced glass, which reduces weather-related damage.

3. Your Store Doesn't Have Much Energy Efficiency

While many store owners use high-impact windows to improve security and protection, these windows also have useful energy advantages. They boost your store's insulation.

Your current old windows might not have good energy efficiency. Air will leak in and out of your store through the windows.

You might find it hard to keep your store at the right temperature to make it comfortable for you and your customers. You'll have high power costs because you have to use more energy to create the right ambient temperature.

The extra layer of high-impact window glass boosts energy efficiency. It creates a more robust insulation barrier between the temperature in your store and the temperature outside. Your bills will be cheaper if your windows help you use less energy.

For more information about how these windows work, talk to a local high-impact window supplier


13 April 2023

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