Hanging Blinds In Your Units: Top Tips For Apartment Complex Owners


When you own an apartment complex, it is usually customary to hang some window treatments. This way, renters will have privacy as soon as they move in, and you don't have to worry about passersby looking into empty units, either. So, how do you go about choosing and hanging such blinds? Here are a few top tips.

Look for sturdy but neutral blinds.

You don't want or need blinds that are flashy or colorful. Renters who want to do so can hang curtains or drapes over the blinds for style. What is worth paying for, however, is durability. If you buy blinds that are really durable, you are less likely to have to replace them between tenants. You are also less likely to have a tenant call you because their blinds broke, too.

When assessing durability, look at the thickness of the individual blinds. The thicker they are, the more durable they tend to be. Also, examine the hardware. Hardware made from steel tends to be more durable than hardware made from aluminum.

Buy all of the blinds at once.

Count how many sets of blinds you need, and then order them all at once. Order a few extras to keep on hand in case some of the blinds eventually break. This way, you can ensure that the blinds in every unit match. You would not want to buy half the blinds you need only to check back a week later and find that the ones you ordered are no longer in stock.

Make sure the blinds will mount to your apartment walls.

Apartment building walls are sometimes made from concrete or stone block, rather than from the drywall you see in homes. Know what your walls are made from, and make sure you buy blinds that can be attached to them.

Think twice before buying WiFi or smart blinds.

If you own luxury apartments, then investing in smart blinds might be worthwhile. However, in most apartment complexes, these are not needed and will just present you with more headaches. Tenants may call you because they can't get the blinds to work. Simple blinds are best because almost everyone will know how to use them.

Blinds will add value to your apartment complex by creating more privacy for residents. Just make sure you follow the tips above as you shop for, order, and install blinds in your units. Contact a local company to learn more about apartment blinds.


25 July 2023

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