Glass Railings Provide Your Scenic Deck With Safety & Customization


With a deck that provides you with a great view, be it of your backyard or of the area you live on, you want to be able to take in as much of the view as possible. Glass railings are a great way to ensure that you are able to enjoy the scenic view that your backyard provides you with. However, getting to maximize your view is not the only advantage of installing glass railings on your scenic deck.

10 September 2017

Three Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing New Windows


Upgrading the windows in your home to new ones is a sure way to both give your home a facelift and to save energy. When choosing windows, you want to make sure you pick the right ones since you will be living with the investment for many years. The following are a few key mistakes to avoid: #1: Ignoring basic maintenance It's easy to pick the same type of window frames as you had before, simply because that is all you know.

30 August 2017

Four Reasons To Include Anti-Graffiti Film To Your Window Tinting Project


Whether window tinting your car or your home, you are going to want to consider some additives to the film that can provide additional benefits aside from blocking out the harsh rays of the sun. One additive to include is anti-graffiti film. This is especially worth considering if you live in a high-crime area where graffiti is more commonly seen. Here are four specific reasons it is going to provide further protection:

17 August 2017

Four Ways To Add More Charm To Your Home With Vinyl Siding


Vinyl siding is durable, easy to clean, and pretty much impenetrable by the elements. But one of its less-discussed advantages is that it comes in so many different varieties. Choose the right one, and you can add unbelievable charm to your home -- which you may as well do if you're already having siding installed! Here are four ways to maximize the charm that vinyl siding brings to your space.

8 August 2017

Ready To Start Using The Backyard Pool This Summer? Start Off With Pressure Washing


As spring turns into summer, you may be mentally preparing to use your backyard pool for several months. Summer is the perfect time to spend hours outside relaxing by the pool or swimming around. But, the pool area may not be ready for family and friends to spend time there when summer finally comes. It is worth hiring a pool company to get the pool itself ready, but you will also benefit from hiring a pressure washing company to clean off the entire deck as well as other features of the backyard.

27 July 2017

Need New Windows? Live In The South? 3 Features To Look For


If your home needs new windows, and you live in the Southern United States where it tends to be hot most of the year and where you also tend to get some serious storms, there are some specific features you are going to want to look for in new windows for your home. #1 Impact Resistant The first feature that you want to look for is impact-resistant windows. Impact-resistant windows are a large investment; however, they are worth it if you live somewhere that frequently gets storms that come with high wind speeds.

19 July 2017

Small Bathroom: Five Ways to Make Your Bathroom Remodel Stand Out


If you're remodeling your small bathroom, you can do a lot to maximize your limited space. Here are some things you can incorporate into the design to really make the most of your bathroom's space.  1. Get rid of the tub/shower combo and put in a large shower.  The tub/shower combination is a stand-by in middle-class bathroom because you have a tub and shower sharing a space. Unfortunately, this means the tub will not be very deep or luxurious, and the shower will be small.

3 July 2017