The Replacement Window Improvements That Give You More From Home Renovations


When you are planning on replacing windows in your home, this can be a good home renovation investment. Replacement windows can be plain, or you may want to improve your investment in home renovations by making stylish improvements. Here are some of the replacement window improvements that can help you get more from the home renovations you are planning: Choosing the style of replacement windows—You have a lot of choices for the type of replacement window styles you can use for your home renovations.

4 September 2020

Three Things You Should Know About Renovating Your Home with Sliding Glass Patio Doors


It's common for homeowners to have sliding glass doors that lead to their patio. You are likely to have one as well. However, whether you have the original door or you don't have a sliding door at all, there are many possibilities for this important feature of a home. The following are just a few things you should think about if you are considering a renovation. You can replace your current door with something better

2 December 2019

Tips For Cleaning Exterior Front Doors


If you'd like to increase your home's curbside value, it's important to keep your front door clean and properly maintained. The door is one of the first things that people see when they visit, so keeping it in good condition will help make a good first impression.  While you'll want your front door to be aesthetically appealing no matter what, it's especially critical if you're selling your house. When potential home buyers drive by your home or attend a showing, be sure to great them with an eye-catching door.

30 September 2019

3 Tips To Spot Seal Failure In Insulated Windows


Windows can be a source of energy loss in modern homes. The right windows can help improve the insulation of your home, reducing the potential for heat transfer. Double hung windows, sometimes referred to as insulated windows, are becoming more popular. Although these windows cost more to install, they are equipped with a layer of insulating gas sandwiched between two panes of glass. This design helps reduce heat loss and keeps your home airtight.

24 July 2019

4 Options To Deal With Old And Damaged Windows To Renovate Your Home And Improve Energy Efficiency


When you have old, outdated windows in your home, you want to consider ways to improve them. Some of the improvements that you may consider include installing replacement windows, shutters, window treatments, or glass films. Each of these improvements has specific benefits. The following options will help you deal with old and damaged windows to renovate your home and improve energy efficiency: 1. Repairing Damaged Trim and Updating Insulation to Stop Air Leaks

18 March 2019

Keeping Your Home Secure with Window Installation


Today, more than 4,000 burglaries happen on a regular basis. There are a lot of factors that go into this matter, but you'll need to protect your house by starting with quality window installation and other fixes. By touching base with a home window replacement professional near you, it's easier for you to prevent these break-ins and keep everyone in your household safe.  To learn more about getting the window installation that will protect you most, keep reading.

7 February 2019

Passive Heating And Cooling Strategy — Could It Help Your Utility Costs?


Have you ever heard of the passive heating and cooling strategy? Basically, passive heating and cooling is a conjunction of windows, ventilation, sun, windows, and shade to help control the temperature inside your home—all of these elements can work together to naturally maintain a greater level of comfort in the home. Here, you'll learn a little more about this strategy. What are the benefits of passive heating and cooling? The main benefit of utilizing this strategy is that you will enjoy energy savings on both your heating and cooling bills.

24 October 2018